'As Diana Sees It' provides an exploration into leading a conscious, purpose-filled life. Here, I dive deep into the interplay of needs versus desires, the intricacies of emotional and relational well-being, the path of sobriety and spiritual paths, the pivotal roles of nutrition, sleep, and exercise, and the powerful journey of healing childhood trauma. All these insights, wrapped in a global perspective, offer a unique lens into my upcoming memoir, which centers on overcoming early-life challenges and the transformative power of self-forgiveness.

In world that often leans heavily toward cold logic or unchecked emotion, this space stands as a beacon for those who believe in the brilliance of combining these elements.

My Commitment: To curate and publish content that resonates with the soul, touches the heart and equips the mind with actionable steps forward.

Who is this for?

For the dreamer seeking structured steps, the analytical mind in pursuit of inspiration, or anyone on a holistic journey, this space welcomes you with open arms.

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Diana Oehrli

Swiss-American Life Coach, Globetrotting Author, and Wellbeing Crusader